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Thank you for visiting. A new website for author Jordan Smith Graffis is in the works. In the meantime, learn more about her new book Cicada Summers.

In Cicada Summers, author Jordan Smith Graffis brings readers an emotional, heart-wrenching coming-of-age narrative that ultimately stands as an ode to motherhood.

Adults can learn a lot from children—actually, they have a lot to relearn. The narrator, a mother in her sixties, is writing a compilation of her greatest achievements—and failures—for her son, Billy Rubin, who is himself about to become a parent. She wants Billy to be prepared for the changes this gift will bring, and she wants him to know how much he taught her, and in turn, how much his child will teach him.

At the beginning of each chapter, Billy’s childhood adventures and antics are presented to the reader as illustrations of what’s truly important in life; she wants Billy to feel like he’s reading a children’s book about his youth. These lessons parents experience are actually repeats of ones thought to be previously mastered during childhood, like the importance of sharing, how to love unconditionally, and that the future is full of possibility. There is value in learning—re-learning—these important lessons, whether the knowledge contained therein is to be passed down to loved ones or not.